Do I dial a local number when calling from a Satellite Phone

1: Hi My name is John Whitley and I’m the founder of Australia no 1 satellite communications online store.

In these videos our objective is not to spend hours boring you with technical information but simply to give you a brief overview.

In this video I wanted to answer one of the most frequently asked questions I get from anyone looking into Satellite Phones in Australia.The question is simply “Do I dial a local telephone number when dialling from a Satellite Phone”?

So Lets get straight into it:

At the time of recording this the two networks that are common in Australia are Thuraya and Iridium.

The question has a variety of answers sorry, I know nothing seems simple.

Rather than going into each Retailers airtime plans and what they offer, (as this alone is a mine field, my objective is to give an overview and you should ask your provider what the circumstances are.

The Thuraya network is a funny one as I personally have used the remotely and just dialled a local number and got through without issue. I just dialled the territory code and the number and hey presto I got connected.

Then a few weeks later tried exactly the same thing whilst in Tom Price in the north of Western Australia and got a message form a man talking in a language which I simply didn’t understyand. Needless to say I dialled as I was in another country by using the familiar 0061 89 ………..and get through straight away.

So in my experience if you are not with Optus with your Thuraya Satellite Phone then try it and if it doesn’t work resort to the standard global codes.

If you are Optus you should be able to simply dial a local number. This is because it goes through their exchange. This all sound good “but beware in our experience when a satellite Phone goes through a local exchange it can quite often result in you being charged when someone phones you.

However for incoming calls on a Thuraya you will be given an international code and telephone number for your phone, and that’s what people will phone to call you from their landline or mobile telephone.

This will attract international or special Satellite call rates from your telephone provider so check with them.

Now things do not get any easier with Iridium.

The straight answer is that Iridium have their own network and their own designated telephone numbers. So after dialling the international code. So lets say its for Australia. You would normally dial 001161 ( then the number 0 If you were dialing the telstra iridium 9575 Satellite Phone from a landline or a mobile telephone you would dial 0011 (88) then the rest of the number. This simply means that 88 is their country code just like 61 is Australia’s.

The second part to this answer that a number of dealers can and do offer local numbers for their Iridium Satellite Phones and service.

We are one of those, Telstra and Pivotel do also. So what ths advantages and why have it or not.

Well there are two reasons this can be useful but with everything there is a catch. The catch on this one is cost.

The truth to the matter as discussed earlier the satellite phone has its own number so to add a local exchange number and have it go through that exchange making it seem like a standard local number costs you. The cost can and is often hidden in a barage of bull in the airtime plans of the isatphone pro bgan providers.

The most common one is that the service provider will charge you for incoming calls. Were as if you remained with the standard satellite number there is no exchange charge thus making it cheaper.

In our experience the main benefit of having this enhancement to your iridium phone is if your company has international calls barred from their landline options it will stop anyone calling from the office.

There are a number of large organisations that this is the case, so always worth asking the question or checking out if you can dial an international call from your normal landline.

In our experience less than 15 % of consumers are willing to pay the extra charge irrelevant of how it translates in their bill for this feature.

To summerize unless you get this extra feature you will normally be dialling 0011 88 XXXXXXXXXXX when dialing a Satellite Phone from a landline or mobile phone and in return when dialling from a Satellite phone to landline you will dial say for West Australia 0061 89 XXXXXXX

I hope this video has been helpful

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